The day started bright and sunny if a little cold after a good nights sleep only waking once probably to check I was still going to make it.
A big birthday  at 65 I become a member of the Cycling team. I’ve been a domestique since the age of 16. I could have started later if I’d not fallen out with education. Or was it education falling out with me? The culmination of 49 years carrying bidons and sponsoring the then current team has arrived. Feeling lucky as I gave a thought to those I’ve known who didn’t make it this far. I still don’t know where the time has gone.
The location for the launch today was Sharrow Bay Hotel. Not somewhere I’ve been before but an excellent venue and thankfully offering large discounts for those born in March.

The view from my dining table today was ‘to die for’, the food was ‘ to die for’. Some of the prices on the wine bottles would have killed me but relax I don’t intend doing it anytime soon.
So that’s the first day over and the hard graft starts tomorrow. Tyres are hard and chains are oiled. To any of my sponsors reading this, rest assured I will give it my best effort.

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